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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Naidex Awards 2018 - Sponsored By Relync Tech

Setting no limit on innovation, The Naidex Awards stand as an important feature within Europe's biggest industry exhibition. Gathering cutting edge suppliers and groundbreaking concepts from around the world, the Naidex awards recognise and celebrate the foremost products available across the care, rehab, and independent living sectors.

Each nominee has the opportunity to pitch their product to a judging panel of esteemed professionals, with one winner being chosen for each category.

About Sponsors:

Relync Tech sponsors of the Naidex awards

We created a lifestyle choice rather than only a functional mobility scooter. This is why we made RELYNC R1. The design takes inspiration from the legendary race cars of the 1960s, adding a modern twist that makes it look sleek and classic with a futuristic twist.

At Relync Tech we don’t only make your life travel further with ease, we also help you feel confident, proud, and enjoy travelling.

Naidex Innovation Award

Naidex Changing Lives Award

Naidex Professional Award

Able Magazine Best in Show Award

The Innovation Award | Thursday 26th of April at 2pm

This award recognises the most innovative concept that has broken new ground and is outstanding from the competition through such factors as design, operation, and effectiveness.

2018 Winner:

  • sensara


    Stand No: 7091

2018 Finalists:

  • Fingertips


    Stand No: 1210

  • Relync Tech

    Relync Tech

    Stand No: 6090

  • Invacare Ltd

    Invacare Ltd

    Stand No: 13240

  • Eyesynth


    Stand No: 9160

  • UPnRIDE Robotics

    UPnRIDE Robotics

    Stand No: 8200

  • Brownmed


    Stand No: 13116

The Innovation Award Judges:

  • Picture of Julian Wilson

    Judges Name: Julian Wilson

    Judges Company: Head of Mobile Innovation at Barclays

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  • Picture of Dean Johnson

    Judges Name: Dean Johnson

    Judges Company: Head of Innovation at Brandwidth

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  • Picture of Kelvin Kirby

    Judges Name: Kelvin Kirby

    Judges Company: CEO at Technology Associates Limited

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  • Picture of Michael Vermeersch

    Judges Name: Michael Vermeersch

    Judges Company: Digital Inclusion Lead at Microsoft

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Naidex Changing Lives Award | Wednesday 25th of April at 11am

A celebration of the product, service, or initiative which has had a positive and demonstrable impact on its user, making a significant contribution towards achieving their goals.

2018 Winner:



    Stand No: 9164

2018 Finalistss:

  • wheelAIR/ 2020 Mobility

    wheelAIR/ 2020 Mobility

    Stand No: 9150

  • Brook Miller Mobility Ltd

    Brook Miller Mobility Ltd

    Stand No: 12210

  • Avail Support Ltd

    Avail Support Ltd

    Stand No: 11088

  • ReSymmetry


    Stand No: 13086

  • Handiscover


  • Picture of Geoff Holt MBE

    Judges Name: Geoff Holt MBE

    Judges Company: Managing Director at Wetwheels

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  • Picture of Samanta Bullock

    Judges Name: Samanta Bullock

    Judges Company: Model, Advocate For Inclusive Fashion & Former Paralympian

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  • Picture of Tom Jamison

    Judges Name: Tom Jamison

    Judges Company: Editor at Able Magazine

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Naidex Professional Award | Wednesday 25th of April at 2pm

The accolade which celebrates a service, technology or product that directly benefits those working in the care, rehab, or independent living industries, making an immeasurable contribution towards the healthcare profession both now and into the future.

2018 Winner:

  • Gravity Life

    Gravity Life

    Stand No: 9141

2018 Finalists:



    Stand No: 9092

  • Carebase


    Stand No: 11124

  • Picture of Jane Worsley

    Judges Name: Jane Worsley

    Judges Company: Managing Director at Outcomes First Group

  • Picture of Dionne Thomas

    Judges Name: Dionne Thomas

    Judges Company: Founder & CEO at Deaf Business Academy CIC

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  • Picture of Wendy Westbury

    Judges Name: Wendy Westbury

    Judges Company: Director of Sales and Marketing at Dormy Care Communities and Mayflower Care Communities

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  • Picture of Jo Southall

    Judges Name: Jo Southall

    Judges Company: Independent Occupational Therapist & Blogger at

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Able Magazine Best in Show Award

Able Magazine logo

Able Magazine invites you to submit your products for review at Naidex.

Able Magazine is the UK’s favourite disability lifestyle publication and is again a media partner with Naidex for the 2018 event. We will be running our annual competition to find the product most deserving of the Able Magazine Best In Show Award.

Disabled people are always looking for lifestyle solutions. Part of this process will undoubtedly include sourcing good quality products and assistive technology. We want to help you to share the best of these ideas with our readership of disabled people and their carers – many of whom will be attending the forthcoming Naidex 2018 event.

The competition is based on Able Magazine’s regular product review process and we’re inviting exhibitors to submit their products for review. (Simply send details to and we’ll review the product at Naidex.)

We’ve been writing about disability issues and the best in disability products for over 20 years and have developed a trusted voice within the disability community. We continue to provide reviews of disability products with our well-known ‘star ratings’ system in every editoin, in order to help disabled people make informed choices about their purchases.

The method behind our ratings is very simple and relies on grading in four main areas:
Function: Is it well made? Is it effective and easy to use?
Form: Does it look good? Is it stylish or mundane?
Innovation: Does it represent new ideas?
Cost: Is it good value for money?

All you need to do is email: to let us know that you’ve got a product in mind that you’d like us to review.

Naidex is proud to partner with