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26 & 27
March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Exhibitor Name: Avail Support Ltd
Stand Number: N2112

avail™ is an on line and mobile Educational Healthcare Solution promoting independence that is transforming the lives of those with ASD, learning disabilities or cognitive related difficulties.
This award-winning breakthrough solution is currently being used in schools, day services and employment across Ireland, where it was developed, in the UK, the USA and Canada.
avail™ accelerates independent living and working and opens up opportunities for individuals who may require support with completing everyday tasks or work-related activities. avail™ enables facilitators, carers and supporters to create and deliver step-by-step multimedia prompts using video, pictures, audio and text instructions, all geared towards an individual`s personal abilities and goals.

This revolutionary educational and support platform, based on many years experience of working with those with Learning Disabilities introduces technology and the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis through a transformative application and web portal. The solution enables a facilitator, carer or supporter to securely support, manage and monitor from a distance, creating tasks and steps as prompts, assessing status with the individual and fading and replacing activities as growth and capabilities increase. Comprehensive management information and reporting mean that time consuming administrative tasks and activities are removed, with more time spent on actual support.

avail™ changes the balance of time needing to be spent with the individual without compromising on the support process, promoting and accelerating independence and abilities for the end user.

avail™ is receiving critical acclaim wherever it is being used and implemented.

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