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March 2019


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Exhibitor Name: BPMpathway
Stand Number: 7156

Remote patient monitoring with BPMpathway
BPMpathway is adding a new dimension to post-trauma assessment and the remote monitoring of patients in the critical weeks after orthopaedic surgery.
Enhanced recovery programmes have led to a paradigm shift in post-operative rehabilitation, with the majority of rehab now taking place at home under self-direction.
With BPMpathway, orthopaedic patients are being discharged as early as the day of surgery to have their recovery monitored at home. This has the potential to achieve massive cost reductions by reducing a patient`s Length of Stay, thereby freeing up desperately-needed beds. Furthermore, there is the additional benefit of minimising the patient`s exposure to hospital-acquired infections.
This approach only works, however, if clinicians feel able to trust the data. BPMpathway uses patented BPMpro CE Class 1 Medical Device technology, engineered to ISO 13485:2016, tested to 60601-1 standards and in NHS pilots across the UK.
Enhanced recovery
The typical approach of many hospitals is to provide all patients with the same post-operative support package. These resources are, however, under pressure like any other area of healthcare and need to be prioritised.
Using BPMpathway, clinicians can tailor a patient`s post-operative programme to meet their individual needs and support them throughout their rehabilitation. When progressing well at home, clinicians may decide that the patient can continue their rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home and reprioritise resources, that would otherwise have been allocated to them, onto those who need them most.
Decreased readmission rates
During their recovery, potential complications may go unnoticed by the patient. BPMpathway can help identify subtle deterioration in the Range and Quality of Motion, possibly indicative of a developing issue. By clinicians intervening swiftly, escalation to the point of further surgical intervention, with all the costs and distress to the patient involved, might be avoided.
Improved patient motivation
The importance of patient motivation in the rehabilitation process cannot be underestimated. BPMpathway has been developed to actively involve the patient in their rehabilitation and to make it quick and easy to use wherever and whenever they want.
Patients using BPMpathway have been keen to engage with the intuitive technology and fascinated by the clear visualisation of their recovery. They are encouraged to see their progress and reassured that they can communicate directly with their physio through the software. NHS studies have shown that patients using BPMpathway exhibit heightened engagement with their rehabilitation, often wanting to continue beyond the normal 12-week period.
How it works
BPMpathway comprises a single, wireless sensor and BPMpathway software. Several times a day, the patient undertakes their test routine at home. The sensor streams data to the software displaying the results on an animated avatar for immediate on-screen comparison. The data is also simultaneously transmitted automatically via the Cloud to the clinicians, who can assess progress and recovery trends.
It is a well-established fact that the NHS is under intense pressure to reduce costs and waiting times for joint replacement surgery, improve patient outcomes and deliver personalised care. BPMpathway offers an effective way to help achieve these goals in a way that benefits healthcare providers and patients alike.

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