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March 2019


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Exhibitor Name: BT PLC
Stand Number: 13162

BT has a long history of supporting people who need extra help with their communications, building on the work of the General Post Office whose research department developed the first NHS hearing aid in 1951. BT has been involved from the early days of the development of a text relay service providing deaf customers access to the telephone network. We are proud to have led advances with TextDirect in 2001 and now, in 2014, enhancing access through the internet via BT Next Generation Text.

The advent of broadband brought with it the ability to use new technology to communicate and in 2006, we became the first FTSE100 to provide information in British Sign Language (BSL) on its website We have also been providing access to our customer services via live chat from 2009 and BSL access via SignVideo since 2011 - again BT has been leading the way for improved access for customers.

We provide a range of telephones with inductive couplers and amplification and more recently adding nuisance call blocking options and slow playback of messages. Most of which can be seen on our stand at Naidex.

Because we think that no one should dread the phone ringing because they're worried it's a PPI or accident claims company, we also launched BT Call Protect - the first of its kind in the UK

The service diverts nuisance calls to a new junk voicemail, which you can access by dialling 1572 from your home phone. As well as the ones automatically diverted, you can also add numbers to your own personal blacklist - sending those calls to your junk voicemail as well. The service is free and just for our customers.

BT believes in the power of communication to make a better world. For more information visit

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