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25 & 26
April 2018


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Exhibitor Name: eHoiva Ltd.
Stand Number: 8124

eHoiva Home Care system delivers 40-70% higher productivity in Finland.

eHoiva is an ICT supplier for mobilizing Home Care solutions. eHoiva develops and sells ICT solutions for planning and leading home care and nursing home operations in public and private care businesses. eHoiva solutions are widely used in Finland by both leaders and care professionals. eHoiva solutions combine e.g. shift planning, location based services relevant to home care, real-time work force management of mobile personnel, mobile reporting.

eHoiva has a unique planning solution that not only deliver 40-70% higher productivity in customer time in Finland but also. eHoiva's competitiveness and knowledge of care has been built and turned to innovations when working close to 10 years with leaders and healthcare professionals in Finland. No other solution in the market is capable of generating as fast revenue and profit for customers as eHoiva's.

eHoiva pariticipates in ACTIVAGE that is a H2020 Large Scale Pilot funded project with duration of 42 months. It is one of the flagship projects of EU. The main coordinator is Spanish Medtronic and partners are 49 in total. eHoiva paticipates together with.SE Innovations, TUAS, Goodlife Technology as Finnish consortium in ACTIVAGE.

ACTIVAGE core is the facilitation of 6000 testbeds that will be organized in 9 different pilots in 7 different countries including UK (Leeds). The testbeds will be equipped with different IoT equipment, sensors etc. The IoT equipment collects data, measures and supervises the users (mainly elderly) functioning, daily activity and rehabilitation development. Different pilots cover different use cases. Finnish pilot will focus on rehabilitation, exergaming and sustaining physical functioning.

In the later parts of the project additional IoT technology providers are allowed to join the created IoT-ecosystem.


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