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26 & 27
March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Exhibitor Name: FINGERTIPS
Stand Number: 1210

It`s a smart relational cushion VIKTORTM, dedicated to older people, people with reduced mobility or disabilities. This cushion is connected 3G or 4G: wireless solution, use of solar energy, waterproof and unbreakable.

PARTICULARITY : Viktor is a one-stop window providing comfort, safety, and social interactions to elderly people and people with disabilities. It enables them to overcome their isolation and reconnects them with day-to-day life. Viktor is also able to link all the connected objetcs in the house as well as e-health, telephony and medico-social services.

Make their daily life brighter !

VIKTORTM is based on two factors. People with reduced autonomy, staying home or in special residence, suffer isolation and digital technology is able to break this isolation by getting them in contact with world, families and billions of content interesting for them. But for this people use digital terminal, computer, tablet or smartphone is not easy, even impossible. In any case this device complexity remains an enormous barrier to use.

FINGERTIPS therefore created VIKTORTM, which takes the form of a light comfortable cushion on person`s lap. Soft, warm, flexible, it includes a control panel with simple pictograms dedicated to trigger functions related to the Internet. The functions appear on the TV screen in bedroom or living room.
Videoconference with grandchildren, outcomes of health care interventions, games, specific programs, online surfing... smart relational cushion is made according to the needs and daily expectations of the potential beneficiary.

In 5 years, VIKTORTM plans to equip 30 million of dependent persons, especially in the establishment market of 3 billion euros

2015: 66,3 million people, 1,5 million people with reduced autonomy
2060: Metropolitan France will have 73,6 million people on 1 January 2060,
(+ 11,8 million more than in 2007). The number of people over 60 years will increase to over 10 million. One in three will have over 60 years. (INSEE)

United States
2014: 318,9 million people in USA: 42 million people over 65 years and7 million over 85 years, respectively representing 13.5% and 2,2% of the total population.
2050: the number of Americans over 65 years will triple. (INSEE)


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