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26 & 27
March 2019


CDP Certified

Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Exhibitor Name: Pedius srl
Stand Number: 6142

Pedius aims to provide another reliable resource for the Deaf community in order to bridge the existing communication gap. Pedius` goal is not only to supply, but also support the freedom and reliance a phone offers to every other individual. On a technical level, the application is highly sophisticated. Users are able to make calls using real time text or voice calls with voice synthesis and advanced speech recognition technologies. The user has the option to text their message independently or choose from a list of pre-written messages, which are continuously updated for all types of conversations. In addition, if the user wishes, they may either choose to use their own voice or an automated voice to call the receiving end. The application is available for both iPhone or Android users, tablet users; and, is only required to be downloaded by one party using the service.

Beyond using the application for everyday calls, Pedius is always working to create relationships with more companies that also prioritize accessibility for their services. Companies such as: AXA Assistance, TIM, BNL Group BNP Paribas, a handful of local police departments, and the Municipality of Rome have chosen Pedius to provide equal ease for customers wishing to use their service. With these services and elimination of third party interpreters, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers remain in complete control while also maintaining security.

The services Pedius can offer to companies with Deaf employees promotes work inclusion and gives individuals opportunity to be confident in the work environment. Pedius technology is easy to integrate with the existing systems companies have, as it requires no additional software or hardware and takes less than 48 hours to complete. Conference calls are also possible with Pedius. The Deaf employee is rightfully able to participate in pertinent meetings while avoiding the cost of an interpreter, as well as, eliminating time barriers. Just as a normal phone, employees using Pedius have unlimited outgoing and incoming calls. Pedius believes that Deaf employees should not only be accommodated in the office, but also when they are away from their desk.


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