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March 2019


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Exhibitor Name: Posture Care Ltd
Stand Number: 10084

Posture Care Ltd. was created by two friends who felt there was a huge gap in the healthcare industry for innovative yet simple and effective products that could help in providing postural support to those that need it. Furthermore, they noticed the approach should be far more patient and carer focused.
In 2012 in partnership with neuro physios they designed the Hugga sleep system. The first universal system of its kind. Since its creation, the Hugga has gone from strength to strength.
The product range is ever increasing with daytime positioning aids and cushions in development. Posture care prides itself on understanding the needs of the market in a time where budgets and care are being stretched to the limit.
Posture care is now working with NHS trusts and Social Services throughout England, Ireland and Scotland. We work closely with neuro rehab, stroke and palliative care teams that are community and or hospital based as well as care homes, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.
Forging relationships with healthcare professionals who are expert in the field of postural management has been vital in the development of Posture Care as we strive to improve our offer and achieve our goal to serve those who have a clear identifiable need for postural management.
At Posture Care we firmly believe that posture should be managed 24/7 and to that end we will do our best to help provide the best quality, best price and best service........

0161 283 9480

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