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March 2019


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Exhibitor Name: TEXIBLE
Stand Number: 9092

Your Partner for innovative, supportive and smart Textiles.

With the foundation of TEXIBLE, we have set ourselves the goal of combining the modern technologies of textiles and sensors while developing helpful
resources for nursing staff and patients.

TEXIBLE has developed TEXIBLE Wisbi, an intelligent sensor textile, to provide targeted nursing care.

TEXIBLE Wisbi is the innovative nursing care product that stands out for its ability to automatically signal an alarm when a bed exit, moisture or other body fluids are detected. The sensor textile is used in a wide variety of nursing care-related applications and makes targeted nursing care possible for the first time. This provides physical and mental relief for nursing staff and the individuals who are being cared for.

TEXIBLE Wisbi is very easy to use and industrial washable. Our sensor textile is used both as a bed insert and as modified versions in various nursing care areas.

When body fluids come into contact with the sensor textile, they are absorbed by the pad. The sensor textile immediately sends a signal to a call system. TEXIBLE Wisbi can be easily integrated into existing call systems. If there is no call system, TEXIBLE Wisbi works with an Eldat socket outlet receiver; it triggers the alarm via radio. The socket outlet receiver can be installed in any room at a distance of up to 30 metres from the transmitter.

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