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March 2019


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Exhibitor Name: Travelability
Stand Number: 13256

Live the dream of an exclusive holiday with the best medical safety support, guaranteed. Customize every aspect of your trip simply and with ease.
Thanks to the collaboration of the leaders in tourism and social health, Travelability offers travelers with disabilities or dependencies or particular limitations, customized and assisted tours. Every aspect of your stay can be tailored according to your needs with the comforting knowledge that proper health care is available at any chosen destination. Travelability guarantees personalized care from doctors, nurses and assistants as well as medical treatment, monitoring and specific diagnostic tests, 24/7 throughout the entire trip.

Having your medical records prior to your departure the Travelability team will prepare a detailed program on the places, times and costs before your arrival. Knowing what the needs are before hand is essential to making sure the tourist-health service gives you the proper suitable care.

The preliminary phase includes:
- receiving medical records and other pertinent information
- sending by email a list of timely suggestions with the best solutions
- meeting with the health Tutor at lodging to verify the needs have been met

The personal assistance can be done either at the site of the lodging (hotels, country inn, etc.) or if when appropriate at an accredited health facility in the area. Additionally further assistance can be requested at any point during your stay.
Thanks to his synergy Travelability offers an experience uniquely designed according to your needs and interests.

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