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March 2019


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Exhibitor Name: Verity Medical Ltd
Stand Number: N5050

Verity Medical Ltd, founded in 1998, Manufacture all our own products called NeuroTrac.

NeuroTrac Electrotherapy devices includes TENS, NMES, EMG and ETS machines.

NeuroTrac, hand handle devices are easy to use and the information can be down loaded onto a computer for further or future analysis.

Verity Medical, have leading clinicians and Physio therapists from all over the world using our products on a daily basis.

The NeuroTrac devices, have been shown to be of value, in the relief of pain and in helping patients to recover or improve muscle control, after accident or illness.

Cases Studies prove this:

Case 1> Multiple Sclerosis

Female patient,42yr old, multiple sclerosis recognised 22yrs ago.
Patient, could not walk without support, only short distances; drop foot and balance disorders.


After 10 months therapy; consisted of EMG Biofeedback,stimulation & exercises.

The patient can now walk, without any support for 5 kilometres

Case2>Stroke / spinal surgery

Patient, 62yr old, with drop foot after spine surgery (1 yr ago).
No foot movement, in foot or toes cannot be observed.
Patient on crutches for walking & foot support.


Results of 6 month home - based EMG therapy.

Patient is able to move her foot.

She no longer requires crutches.

For more case studies covering pelvic floor, spinal muscle atrophy (SMA II), Cerebral Palsy etc please visit the stand.N5050

+44 (0) 1794 367 110

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