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26 & 27
March 2019


CDP Certified

Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Design and Build Summit

Naidex 2019 will proudly host the Design & Build Summit for the second time, bringing together industry leaders and key decision makers in accessible architecture, the most innovative furnishing solutions and stylish interior design for accessible living. The summit is a complete exploration of the built environment in terms of accessibility.

It promises to feature revolutionary seminars and pioneering suppliers that will demonstrate and examine the very latest technologies, ideas and adaptations created to promote and enhance ease, comfort, style and ultimately independence.

The summit will largely focus on funding, grants and financial support, planning and surveying, care home development, accessible real estate, Government housing strategy and contemporary design trends.

This a unique opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to interact and consider an area that is becoming increasingly significant in modern society.

Focuses include:

  • Funding, grants and financial support
  • Planning and surveying
  • Care home development
  • Accessible real estate
  • Government housing strategy

For sponsorship and exhibiting enquiries within the Design & Build Summit, contact or call 0117 990 2092.

Speakers in the Design & Build Summit include

  • Picture of Vaila Morrison

    Speaker Name: Vaila Morrison

    Speaker Company: Inclusive Home

  • Picture of Anava Baruch

    Speaker Name: Anava Baruch

    Speaker Company: Design for Independence Ltd.

  • Picture of William McMorran and Roland McMorran

    Speaker Name: William McMorran and Roland McMorran

    Speaker Company: Architectonicus

  • Picture of Elaine Hollerhead

    Speaker Name: Elaine Hollerhead

    Speaker Company: Designate

  • Picture of Phillip Gill

    Speaker Name: Phillip Gill

    Speaker Company: PLG Consultants Ltd

  • Picture of Paul Smith

    Speaker Name: Paul Smith

    Speaker Company: Foundations

  • Picture of Francis Philippa

    Speaker Name: Francis Philippa

    Speaker Company: Foundations

  • Picture of Tony Molloy

    Speaker Name: Tony Molloy

    Speaker Company: Foundations

  • Picture of Peter Davies

    Speaker Name: Peter Davies

    Speaker Company: Ropox

  • Picture of Nicholas Kent

    Speaker Name: Nicholas Kent

    Speaker Company: Aveso

  • Picture of James Kinsman

    Speaker Name: James Kinsman

    Speaker Company: Macro Level Smarthomes

  • Picture of Carsten Lemche

    Speaker Name: Carsten Lemche

    Speaker Company: LEMCO Rehab & Fysio ApS

  • Picture of Jerard Knott

    Speaker Name: Jerard Knott

    Speaker Company: Curtis Law Solicitors LLP

  • Picture of Kevin Snowball

    Speaker Name: Kevin Snowball

    Speaker Company: WE Care & Repair

  • Picture of Lauren West

    Speaker Name: Lauren West

    Speaker Company: Muscular Dystrophy UK

  • Picture of Gareth Humphries

    Speaker Name: Gareth Humphries

    Speaker Company: Grant Westfield

  • Picture of David Ridley

    Speaker Name: David Ridley

    Speaker Company: Ridley Electronics Limited

  • Picture of Jane Simpson

    Speaker Name: Jane Simpson

    Speaker Company: Jane Simpson Access Ltd

  • Picture of Jamie Howard

    Speaker Name: Jamie Howard

    Speaker Company: Luna Lifts

  • Picture of Ruben De Caires

    Speaker Name: Ruben De Caires

    Speaker Company: FAAC (UK) Ltd

  • Picture of Lee Blemings

    Speaker Name: Lee Blemings

    Speaker Company: Sensory Guru

Exhibitors in the Design & Build Summit include

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