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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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“The Inclusion Village” by Peter Lyne

MASIS (Mobility and Support Information Service) is a Registered Charity (No 1150169) whose aims and objectives are to strive towards creating more inclusive and equal societies for disabled people and individuals with long-term health conditions. Exclusion and loneliness can exacerbate their health and what better way to tackle these problems then by considering how disabled people can be given as equal and as inclusive lifestyles which non-disabled people take for granted.

Disabilities affect the lifestyles of many millions of people worldwide. Approximately 20% of the UK’s population are disabled people with similar percentages applying to the U.S.A. and Western Europe. Consequently MASIS always welcomes contact from national and international sources. However, as MASIS fully intends to re-invest surplus funds into pre-selected medical research initiatives investigating ways to improve rehabilitation following appropriate acute care services treatments (hopefully reducing waiting times for patients awaiting medical and surgical procedures), the charity needs to encourage effective collaboration with relevant companies and service providers to help generate income.

Contacts are very much welcomed from health and social care sector establishments as well as from the education and employment sectors. Commercial opportunities exist from companies associated with the transport, construction/built environment, housing, tourism sports and recreation sectors.

Having participated as a guest speaker and an exhibitor at Naidex 44, I have received many contacts from disabled people either during or since the April event which have clearly indicated that addressing isolation and increasing opportunities are the keys to improving health and wellbeing by using the social ‘model’ rather than the medical ‘model’.

Effective collaboration is essential and although I was an ‘Individual Partner’ prior to Naidex 44, I have now been appointed an ‘Organisational Partner’ of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. Thanks to continued networking prior to and since Naidex 44 I am delighted to receive such encouraging support towards helping MASIS achieve its objectives and look forward to participating again as both a guest speaker and exhibitor at Naidex 45.

By accessing readers will be able to find details of ‘Inclusion Village’ and any first time exhibitor to Naidex wishing to participate in the ‘village’ referred by MASIS will be viable for a 10% discount on the cost of an exhibition stand. 

Please enable MASIS to continue to help create more inclusive, improved and equal societies and opportunities for disabled people and carers in the future.

Contact MASIS either through Facebook or by visiting the website completing the ‘on-line’ contact form or e-mail

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