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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Door automotion is a potential game changer for the disabled, elderly and infirm, giving back independence which can mean the difference between living at home or in a care home.

An act that many of us take for granted, opening and closing a door epitomises freedom; and thus independent living. Consequently a relatively minor adaptation that can be fitted easily into the home, can make a world of difference for those who are fighting to keep their independence. 

With little or no maintenance required, door operators are ideal for residential use. Swing doors can be operated by proximity pads – where the user simply waves a tag or a hand infront of it, in order to open, then through sensors it knows when it is safe to close. Safety is of the upmost importance with anything moving, so sensors must always be added to the door in order to detect any obstacles. This has been made easy and effective with sensors that can be placed unobtrusively at the top of the door, offering optimum safety, meaning that with the optional battery, not even finger protection strips are needed, which would again further alter the look of the door. Alterbnatively there are a range of options to operate the doors, such as with a remote control, push button or standard radar, for both opening and closing. The latest advances also allow the doors to be operated by special Apps with corresponding interfaces.

The latest products are sleek and slimline, again making installation much easier as no changes to the structure of the house are required. For example, the new slimline A951 controls door opening and closing with a silent and smooth operation. An unobtrusive yet powerful swing door operator specifically designed for internal, circulation, disabled or general hands-free operation, on doors up to 1100mm wide and 100Kg weight. It allows users to easily open doors via a button, sensor or remote control. Thanks to the PUSH&GO function, just a touch completely opens the door, or it can be set to manual open with powered closing, another highly useful feature. At just 7cm tall the A951 swing door operator can be installed on either the lintel or transom and some standard size door frames, giving flexibility to make installation quick and easy (thanks to its lightweight and simple fixing plate). The operator housing is finished in an extruded anodised aluminium which combines seamlessly with an optional battery backup module offering continuous use during power failure.

The A951 is also able to automate double-leaf entrances by interfacing the 2 units in a master/slave configuration. The double leaf guarantees perfect synchronisation of the leaves through CAN BUS communication. The operator can also provide an interlock/airlock mode and a series connection of up to 15 doors can be networked together (100m radius) so that when master mode is selected all subsequent doors follow suit. The A951 features a microprocessor controlling all the door activities in real time, with an encoder detecting its angular position at all times. Additionally the programming (automatic, manual, night, open) can be selected by means of an integral toggle switch.

Manufactured in compliance with the new European safety standards EN16005, the A951 automated system can operate in low energy or manage EN16005 radar/IR/laser monitoring such as the new laser sensor FLATSCAN. Due to the new microprocessor it also has programmable inputs, safety circuits and outputs ensuring the absolute operating safety at any time.

Thanks to the innovative selection of mechanical and electronic components, the A951 is a universal operator for Push/Pull, Left/Right and Single/Double door applications making it easy to specify for almost any internal door, it has a maximum absorbed power of 100W offering significant energy savings both during stand-by and when operating. The facility to *download/upload programming and event logs and an integral 6 event *timer function.

Door automotion has the potential to transform the accessibility of a building. With slimline design and expert instilation, door operators can be fitted to all buildings, with minimal distruption, making doorways of the built environement completely accessible, as they should be. 

For more infomation, visit FAAC on stand 9104 or visit WWW.FAAC.CO.UK

*Requires a CR2032, not supplied

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