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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Live longer safely in your own home

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We are living longer than ever before, but still old age brings problems with it. Now technology can help the elderly stay safely at home for longer, therefore keeping their independence. 

With lifestyle monitoring from Sensara, it's possible for the elderly to live longer, safely at home, such as 88 year old Poeke Hillen. For four months, she used Sensara in her apartment, due to wondering about possible problems that could occur now she was living alone. 

“My mother fell at 96 years old and wasn’t able to get up by herself. She had to wait for hours on the floor until somebody came by her house. I want to make sure this does not happen to me.” Poeke Hillen, Sensara customer.

That is when Poeke started using Sensara. It makes her feel safer when she knows that somebody will be notified whenever she needs help. 

“My children are at ease and so am I. They only have to look at their phone to see if everything is fine with me. And if something happens they get an alarm as well.” 

Feeling at ease

For Poeke’s son, Rutger, it was also difficult to let his mother live by herself. He felt uneasy if she didn't aswer the phone, however, with a full-time job he wasn’t able to visit her as much as he would like. Therefore, he wanted to be able to keep an eye on her even when he wasn’t there, without taking away her privacy. Rutger: “I was already thinking it would be great to have a device that could register her movements, although I didn't want to use a webcam because I want her to have her privacy.” Now with the lifestyle monitoring from Sensara he knows when she gets out of bed, if she eats well or when something is wrong, because he will get a ping on his app. And best of all, no cameras are used. 

“The lifestyle monitoring system works great. I am feeling much more at ease now since I can see how she is doing with just a look at my phone. I can even do a quick check when I am at work.” Rutger Hillen

Catching the little things before they become big problems

A simple system such as lifestyle monitoring can make a big difference for elderly people who live alone and want to continue living independently. The main value of lifestyle monitoring is that small issues can be caught before they become big discomforts. A notification of increased toilet visits can detect a urinary-infection, less visits and reduced time spend outside can indicate that social activity is declining and changes in walking speed can indicate a bigger chance of falling. With the movement sensors, these changes in behavior can be picked up early. This way care takers receive an alert at an early stage and only small interventions are needed. 

Sensara HomeCare

Sensara HomeCare is a smart lifestyle monitoring system. With just a few sensors, Sensara can detect changes in behavior that can result in health risks. The first two weeks the sensors learn the elderly’s behavior so whenever changes in behavior occur, a notification will be sent to the care taker app. This way care takers have more insight in how their loved ones are doing and elderly can live longer, safely in their own home. 

See the full video to find out more about lifestyle monitoring. Sensara will be exhibiting on stand 7091 at Naidex. For more information visit or you can reach Sensara them via or call +31 (0)10 764 08 03. Or find them on twitter @mysensara, Facebook or Linkedin.

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