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Falls Prevention: Focus on Neurological Conditions

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30% of people aged 65 and over will, reportedly, fall at least once a year and of course having a neurological condition increase that likelihood of a fall. 

Also, as NHS Improvement highlights, falls cause distress and harm to patients and pressures on NHS services. In general, there are four main causes of falls, particularly with older people; a lack of strength and balance including osteoporosis, trips and hazards, poor vision and polypharmacy. 

But importantly, evidence from the Royal College of Physicians suggests that patient falls could be reduced by up to 25 to 30% through assessment and intervention. But given the complexity of falls prevention, the task of implementing a programme may seem rather daunting. This is one of the reasons why one of our show partners, the Community Therapists Network, has been working with two experienced specialist neurophysiotherapists, Elissa Benson and Jane Cast to design a new workshop. Careful consideration has been given to the structure of the day, with various sessions designed to be practical and client focused. Starting with a session that will look at the latest research on falls and falls prevention, the workshop will then address the question of ‘What is balance and what do we require to achieve it?’ Jane and Elissa will discuss key approaches to reducing falls within a service including assessment, with the focus being on falls prevention and management in people with neurological conditions. There will also be a session that will look at some of the latest technology. For further details of the workshop agenda and the expert facilitators can be found via the Community Therapists Network at

Neil Bindemann, the Executive Director of the Community Therapist Network will be speaking at Naidex, make sure you don't miss it!

You can find the CTN at stand number 7086.

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