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March 2019


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2020Mobilty introducing the Going self-balancing wheelchair

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With the Going self-balancing wheelchair now in the UK, Tim Evans and ex Paralympian Martin Mansell share their experiences.

Self-balancing technology has now been around for a few years, however the Going wheelchair from HandyTech have only been trading in the UK through 2020Mobility specialist mobility retailer for the last year.

Handytech a family business based in Moncalvo Italy, delivering innovation and suppling the mobility market internationally for 47 years. It’s no surprise they were the first to utilise the Segway self-balancing technology combined with sophisticated mechanical controls, allowing incredible freedom of movement and the reach of places previously considered inaccessible. This is why the team at 2020Mobilty were keen to bring this range of products to the UK.

The Going has allowed for new experiences. Martin wanted to be able to take his dog out for a walk in terrain where a manual chair just couldn’t manage. Tim who lives on a farm on the Welsh borders, opted for a Going with the Off Road package delivering even more access to his land, which allowed him to continue his work with greater independence, and lots of fun. Martin has also included the Tarta postural backrest upgrade delivering unprecedented levels of comfort and back support, and has enjoyed the freedom Going has provided, allowing him to take his beloved dog out further. Tim has shared some truly amazing photographs of him with his Going, including during the recent snow, which did not stop him from getting out and about and even working, thanks to Going. 

Handytech launched the baby brother to the Going, the Going Mini early this year. The Mini is a new cut down version of the Going, with completely new technology, which includes slightly smaller batteries and wheels with independent use via an app on a mobile device. This allows for a price point of £7,999 in the UK. Both the Going and the Going mini will be available to test ride at Naidex on our stand 9138.


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