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Assistive Technology Week: Remap – free assisted technology help!

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Remap is a charity that helps disabled people achieve greater independence and quality of life. Its volunteers design and make bespoke equipment for individuals to help them where there’s nothing suitable on the market. Last year the charity helped over 3,500 people in this way and it provided the equipment free of charge in every case. 

Remap was recently contacted by Glyn who has multiple sclerosis. He asked if their volunteers could fit a remote control system to his powered wheelchair. This would mean he could get to his adapted car then send the powered wheelchair back into the garage while he’s out. Glyn takes up the story:

First contact with Remap was easy. I called their central office and they told me someone would be in touch soon. Within the hour a Remap case worker called me to arrange a convenient time for him to come and see me to discuss what I required. After a few weeks my remote control was given to me. I can’t begin to explain what an impact this device has made to me. It is brilliant and has now given me more freedom to come and go as I choose”.

Another recent project was to help Doreen wash up. Following a stroke she found she was able to make a cup of tea, but washing up the mug later was a problem, as she can only use one hand. She found she was chasing the mug around the sink! Remap made her a simple device that holds the mug still in the sink, so she can wash it up using one hand.

Volunteers from Remap will be at this year’s Naidex. Come and visit us at stand 1252 where we will be demonstrating more examples of our work! Register for your free tickets here.

You can read more about these and other examples of Remap’s work on the website and there’s a contact page to help you find your nearest group. With over 70 groups across England and Wales there’s probably one near you. For more information, visit or phone the national office on 01732 760209.

Find Remap on Facebook at and on Twitter at RemapUK


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