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March 2019


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Speaker profile for Angela Sanford and Ruth Brannan: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Angela Sanford and Ruth Brannan

Company Name: You Can Bike Too

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Angela is a woman of action! She believes that ‘you can’ if you want to enough and in the importance of making a difference in the world.

Over the last 5 years she has learned to not only cycle independently, despite a visual impairment and a learning difficulty, but has also been instrumental in the development of the award winning project You Can Bike Too. She has been recognised on a national level for her achievements by winning a ‘Point of Light’ award from the Prime Minister for her inspirational volunteering, and is known to be a surprising and humorous presenter.

‘The project is brought to life by Angela's unique presentation style. She has grown in confidence and now presents with real personality and a passion for the project. The presentations that Angela and Ruth deliver are a great double act, really thought provoking and very inspiring; one of the many reasons the project is so successful. The presentation really showcases what people with learning disabilities can achieve given the right support and encouragement. Angela is a real show stopper!

Angela will be supported by her co-presenter Ruth Brannan. As Angela’s sidekick, Ruth will guide her through her story.

Ruth is an unconventional leader who likes to elevate others, bring them with her and help them to have the leadership opportunities they couldn’t otherwise have. Ruth shares in Angela’s achievements – not wanting or coveting the limelight.

With over four decades of teaching in community settings and schools and most importantly, real life hands on community development experience, her view is different. She believes that everyone can offer their input and be a leader if engaged in an accessible way. She draws on years of seeing potential in others and shows how with the right support, a seed of an idea can take root and grow, e.g. the powerful real life story of You Can Bike Too.

She has spent the last five years as the Project Leader for You Can Bike Too, working with a team of adults with learning difficulties to set up this award winning all ability bike project at The You Can Hub

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Seminar Title: Cycling making impossible possible!

Angela shows you how to turn impossible into I''m possible, with her story about overcoming barriers, learning to cycle, and taking this shared love for cycling and turning it into an award winning all ability cycling project. Alongside Ruth and their team of cycling enthusiasts, together they created You Can Bike Too, where thousands have been cycling, many for the first time. They talk about the importance of community and believing that you can, no matter your age or abilities. Who knew that a shared love of cycling could make such a big impact on the world?!

Public Theatre 4, 11:45 - 12:15, Wednesday 25th

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