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Speaker profile for Barbara Babcock: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Barbara Babcock

Company Name: Return to Wellness

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Barbara Babcock is a health & wellness coach supporting people to rebuild and renew their lives after a serious health issue. She also works with charities to help them develop and evaluate coaching and self-management educational initiatives; and with NHS neurologists to design a research study evaluating treatment and the psycho-social impact of Transverse Myelitis.

Barbara holds a Master’s in coaching psychology, where her research focused on evaluating the impact of coaching on the wellbeing of people with neurological conditions and their primary caregivers.

Previously she was a committee member then chair of the Transverse Myelitis Society, a UK national charity which supports people living with rare neuro-inflammatory diseases, and had a 15 year HR career in the corporate world.

Her professional experience, personal experience of serious illness and having been a carer means she brings a rich understanding of the psychological and practical impact of illness to help affected individuals thrive.

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Seminar Title: Using Health Coaching to Empower People After Illness or Injury

How do you rebuild your life after a life-changing serious illness or injury? Learn to live in a changed body, manage ongoing symptoms, restore confidence, and enjoy life once more? Using a real-life case study, Barbara will discuss how health coaching - a talking form of person-centred support - can empower people to live a meaningful life. Health coaching enhances people’s self-management abilities, and this is becoming more important given the growing pressures on the NHS.

Professional Theatre 5, 14:45 - 15:15, Wednesday 25th

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