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Speaker profile for Bazza West: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Bazza West

Company Name: Bazza West mouth painter

At the age of 19 Bazza was involved in a car accident which would change his life forever, however paralysed in all 4 limbs He has never stopped living life to the full.

We hope that the experiences in his life may inspire you in yours and give you the ability to help others.

Life has it''s Challenge''s but Life does not stop when your paralysed or have a disability. There’s no rewind button on Life so enjoy every minute of Life as best you can.

Some people call him a disabled adventurer... He does all this to show people that life don’t stop when your paralysed, with just the use of his head he has:
- Climbed mountains
- Dived under the sea
- Piloted an aircraft
- Done a 12,000ft Skydive
- Skied and Ski Karting
- Camping and multi activity courses
- Canoed and sailed
- Absailed and Biking
- Mouth Painting the list goes on and on!

Hopefully you read up on his mission in life - to show everyone that life don''t stop after an injury like his but if you still need proof then go take a long look at his full website. It is an archive of his past events, past adventures... All online to share with you.

Remember life has it's challenge's but life does not stop when your paralysed or have a disability. There’s no rewind button on life so enjoy every minute of Life as best you can

On the 18th July 2012 in Rye, East Sussex he carried the Olympic torch at 9.51am on the A259 New Winchelsea Road to #61 Winchealsea Road.

All his friends and family came to cheer him along with his trusty Westy Warriors.

I know you must be wondering exactly how he creates such marvellous paintings?

It would be great if he had a website where you could view videos of him creating each picture and the reason why he made each one.

ONE LIFE - LIVE IT Bring it on!

Dont miss this seminar

Seminar Title: ONE LIFE - LIVE IT Bring it on!

In this seminar Bazza will take you through his personal journey, from teenage gardener to hugely recognised mouth painting artist. Bazza‘ S journey has seen him close to death on more than one occasion, yet with the limitations he has in mobility Bazza continues to prove that life is definitely for living. Listen to Bazza’s amazing journey of inspiration as a mentor, artist and father. He’ll also tell you how he has fed himself for the very first time in 21 years using a robotic dining machine.

Public Theatre 3, 11:45 - 12:15, Wednesday 25th.

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