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March 2019


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Speaker profile for Beth Sanders: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Beth Sanders

Company Name: LifeBio ( is based in Marysville, OH USA)

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Beth Sanders earned her BA in English and journalism from Otterbein College. Inspired by her own grandmother''s life story, Beth Sanders founded LifeBio, a U.S. based company specializing in capturing life stories and using Reminiscence Therapy with journals, memory care tools, and an online platform, LifeBio presently works with more than 100 organizations and has helped thousands of everyday, extraordinary seniors tell and share their unique and powerful life stories. LifeBio is making its’ international debut at the Naidex Conference 2018!

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Seminar Title: The Power of Story to Connect and Reduce Loneliness

Authentic stories of people’s lives are powerful. Details of family relationships, childhood memories, military service, work experiences, love and marriage, historical events, and just “everyday” life deserve to be captured and known. But people are complicated and capturing their unique stories requires great care. The seminar will explore how reminiscing and engaging in storytelling supports quality of life and person-centered care. Research on the negative health impact of loneliness will be discussed plus the importance of encouraging feelings of purpose and meaning for overall wellbeing. What if we were engaged more? What if there were classes and discussions that built closeness and new friendships? What if people can connect more online or by phone to share feelings and deep experiences that matter? This session will share the importance of engagement and knowing unique, incredible people while we have the chance---in health care settings and with seniors’ living at home.

Trade Theatre 9, 14:00 -14:30, Wednesday 25th

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