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March 2019


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Speaker profile for David Cepaz-Keay and Panel : Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: David Cepaz-Keay and Panel

Company Name: Mental Health Foundation

Dr David Crepaz-Keay is Head of Empowerment and Social Inclusion for the Mental Health Foundation. He has led the development, delivery and evaluation of many self-management and peer support across England and Wales. He has been a technical advisor to the World Health Organisation on empowerment issues, chaired a WHO working group on developing indicators of involvement, and has spoken and written widely on involvement, empowerment, self-
management and peer support.

With over thirty years of involvement as first a user of mental health services and later as a campaigner, he is also an advocate of service user voices being included in mental health service planning and delivery. David was a commissioner for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (2003 2007). The
network (NSUN) and is currently facilitating the Welsh National Mental Health Forum.

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Seminar Title: Introducing Values-based Practice – and What It Can Do for You

A series of three linked seminars introducing from the perspectives respectively of service users, practitioners and providers, a new approach to working with complex and conflicting values in health and social care called values-based practice. The seminars will be interactive and include opportunities for participants to suggest on-going work with the recently launched Centre for Values-based Practice in Health and Social Care at St Catherine’s College in Oxford (see

Service Users (public theatre)
From the perspective of service users values-based practice is important in shifting attention from generic approaches to care to the values (to what is important from the perspective of) the particular individual involved in a given health or social care intervention. This seminar will include a brief presentation illustrating the significance of this shift as it plays out in a new person-centred approach to suicide risk management.

Providers (trade theatre)
From the perspective of providers values-based practice is important in helping traders to develop equipment and other resources that meet the actual rather than imagined requirements of their clients and patients concerned, whilst remaining cost-effective. This seminar will include an example of best practice in values-based needs assessment in the ‘care conversations’ under-pinning the work of a private social care provider rated outstanding in recent CQC inspections.

Practitioners (professional theatre)
From the perspective of practitioners values-based practice is important in giving them the skills to understand and engage with the values of their patients and clients as unique individuals. This seminar will describe training developments in values-based practice with medical students and others in Oxford and a clinical example illustrating how such training supports shared decision-making in the context of a busy surgical outpatient clinic.

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