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March 2019


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Speaker profile for David Ridley: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: David Ridley

Company Name: Ridley Electronics Limited

David Ridley was a research & development engineer in the space and defence field, the automation of the printing industry and optical fibre technology before starting Ridley Electronics Limited back in 1977 where he developed the Switch-a-Switch Infra-red Remote 13 Amp Switch, this created an awareness of
some of the needs of people with disabilities. Having test marketed our then ‘new’ product with a number of people with disabilities we established that
our switches needed long leads to plug into sockets at skirting board height and still have line of sight between the Transmitter and Receiver, at this point we could see many problems that we could easily

Ridley Electronics moved on to producing a range of products to such as Door Latch Release Systems, Radio Frequency Door Openers, Window Openers, Curtain Pullers and many other products to assist people with disabilities for which we developed many different methods of control, enabling many of our
client control with part of their body of their choice. For 30 years Ridley Electronics Limited was based in London, and we now have our main production unit near Salisbury in Wiltshire, however we still cover the whole of the U.K.

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Seminar Title: Technology from Invalid Carriages to Penta Pods

Ridley Electronics have produced equipment for people with disabilities to enable independence. We specialise in designing and manufacturing equipment for people with disabilities, to enable clients to overcome obstacles. We design Door Latch Release Systems, Door Openers, Alarm Systems and Environmental Controls. We design the Ridley Door Opener, to ensure that it was as inconspicuous as possible, working with any doors, which could be used by all members of family. Whilst most products are standard production, we tailor equipment to suit our clients needs, installing our products throughout the U.K. Window Openers and Curtain Pullers enable the user to maintain privacy. Our systems are modular to enable clients to have control of what they want with whichever part of the body they prefer. Ridley Electronics equipment may be used in any environment, whilst our Door Openers are used for domestic conventionally hung doors, also for Sliding Doors and Multi Door Systems.

Home Design & Build Theatre 7, 11:45 - 12:15, Thursday 26th

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