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March 2019


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Speaker profile for Dr Rod Lane: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Dr Rod Lane

Company Name: External FES Consultant for DM Orthotics

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Rod started his academic career at Solent University, formerly Southampton Institute, where he studied Electronic Engineering with Business Studies. During this time he became increasingly interested in medical devices. His final year project was working with Sunrise Medical on innovative wheelchair drive systems.

Rod went on to become a clinical engineer working at Salisbury District Hospital where he headed up the new product design team at the first NHS company in England, Odstock Medical Limited.  While there he saw the introduction of new class II medical devices through the research and development phases and then into the market.

Rod has also conducted clinical research linked with the University of Southampton where he obtained his PhD. From this work with the university a new electrode design was developed which has been incorporated into dynamic movement orthoses, developed and manufactured in the UK by DM Orthotics Ltd.

Rod has been working with Martin Matthews, DM Orthotics, to develop this technology so that neuromuscular electrical stimulation can be combined with the orthotics. This treatment modality has been shown to have benefits with children especially, where the combination of the dynamic and active control have greatly influenced long term outcomes for the better.

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Seminar Title: External FES Consultant for DM Orthotics

The DMO Medical Flexi-trode® FES system combines the benefits of dynamic elastomeric fabric orthosis with neuromuscular
stimulation to correct the effects of conditions such as drop foot.
The effectiveness of Flexi-trode® comes from the complimentary way in which the two parts of the system work together. The
DMO Dorsiflex Sock provides stability to the ankle joint at heel strike. The neuromuscular stimulation provides assistance for
lifting the foot to produce a more natural walking pattern which avoids the unnecessary and excessive eversion created by some
FES systems.
The DMO Flexi-trode® has the benefit of combining the joint support, stabilisation, proprioceptive and sensory feedback provided
by a DMO orthosis with the active movement assistance of an FES system. All components can be integrated within the DMO
sock or cuff allowing for ease of application as well as replication of electrode placement.

Public Theatre 4, 14:00 - 14:30, Wednesday 25th
Professional Theatre 6, 12:30 - 13:00, Thursday 26th

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