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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Speaker profile for Elaine Hollerhead: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Elaine Hollerhead

Company Name: DESIGNATE - Housing Adaptations Interior Design & Colour Consultancy

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Elaine is an Interior Designer and specialises in Inclusive Design. She studied Interior Design at The National Design Academy in Nottingham, and in 2011 founded her unique health-focused interior Design Company for clients in the domestic and commercial sectors.

Prior to becoming an Interior Designer, she had an extensive career as a Senior Occupational Therapist working in the NHS, Local Authority and Primary Healthcare where she treated people with a broad spectrum of medical conditions and developed specific expertise in Neurology and Palliative Care.

Whilst working for the Local Authority, Elaine worked closely with architects and building surveyors and recognises these professions are integral in helping her to create safe, functional and aesthetic outcomes for her clients

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Seminar Title: Inclusive design for 21st century living - Making functional fabulous!

Our homes greatly influence our emotional and physical well-being and should be ‘forever homes’ that we can live in from birth until death. They should not only allow for the needs of a growing family but also be able to accommodate unexpected events such as minor illnesses or life changing injury, enabling the occupants to manage these with dignity.

When adapting properties or designing housing for the future good, forward –thinking is key. Unfortunately even in the 21st Century there remains a perception that adaptations or housing for people with disabling conditions should be basic and clinical, furnished with ugly equipment and a bland and boring décor, so limiting prospective purchasers and devaluing the property.

Using case studies and examples, Elaine will show that by working together with clients and architects it is possible to create safe, beautiful, functional and inspirational Inclusive Designs that will enhance well-being and property values.

Home Design & Build Summit (Theatre 10), 11:00 - 11:30, Wednesday 25th.

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