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March 2019


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Speaker profile for Jamie Howard: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Jamie Howard

Company Name: Luna Lifts

My Journey into the lift world started almost 10 years ago, with absolutely no clue where I was headed, or even how a lift worked. It wasn’t until I saw the huge positive impact on people’s lives, in their own environments, that I really felt proud of what I do and where I can take it.

After starting work as an engineer’s mate, I pushed through quick to become and engineer and get out installing myself. I worked on some good products in some great locations and along side some brilliant people. I progressed through the business to begin auditing other’s installations and surveying sites for new projects. From here I left, to start my own business Installing lifts as sub-contract labour for a lot of different companies and built some fantastic relationships. My business now supplies, installs and maintains, a very comprehensive catalogue.

It’s now my life long goal to continue to change the lives of those that need it, providing quality products and continued service to the ever expanding world of lifts!

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Seminar Title: What is a lift? and why should I care?

Lifts are everywhere, and they change the lives of millions of people daily, whatever your age or ability, it’s a pretty sure bet that your world has been made easier by a lift at some point.
I’ll be giving a brief detailing of the types of lifts and lifting equipment most broadly used in today’s market and why these different types are worth knowing about.
I’ll include details of the basic principles behind the mechanical drives, layouts of the equipment, the sizes/footprints and lifting capacities all with reasons why it counts to know these things if you’re thinking of buying a lift.

Home Design & Build Theatre 7, 11:00 - 11:30, Wednesday 25th

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