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March 2019


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Innovations for the Future of Independent Living

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Speaker profile for Lauren West: Speaking at Naidex

Speaker Name: Lauren West

Company Name: Muscular Dystrophy UK

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Lauren has worked for Muscular Dystrophy UK in their Trailblazers team since December 2015. Before this though, Lauren was an active part of the Trailblazers network since their beginning in 2008. Trailblazers is a network of young disabled people who campaign to remove the societal barriers that prevent disabled people living independently. Lauren has been a full-time wheelchair user since age 3 due to the neuromuscular condition Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She grew up in Wales before moving to Manchester to study Politics at university and then on to Leeds for her MA degree in Disability Studies. After graduating in 2013, Lauren moved to London to work in the third sector and has worked in a variety of sectors like homelessness and mental health. Now though Lauren works full time campaigning on disability rights.

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Seminar Title: Fit to Burst – Why we need more Changing Places?

There are now over a 1000 Changing Places toilets across the UK. For those not aware, Changing Places toilets are fully accessible toilets that have extra space, a hoist and a changing bench. They allow a suitable environment for disabled adults and children to use the toilet safely and with dignity. However, 1000 is nowhere near enough and thousands of disabled people are missing out of vital opportunities due to the lack of Changing Places toilets.

Home Design & Build Theatre 7, 14:45 - 15:15, Thursday 26th

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